Monday, August 6, 2012

Leibster Blog Award. Well This is New!

Hello dear two followers and any possible readers!  (Maybe I should start going out and promoting this or something...Things to consider.)
I've heard the Leibster Blog Award is going around.  I've only ever heard of it once or twice but never knew what it was or the point of it.  Ha.  But Natalie over at In the Mood decided to tag me, so it's game time!  The rules (because, according to Natalie, they've changed since this last time around):
  1. The tag-ee must tell eleven things about themself
  2. The tag-ee must then answer the eleven questions given to them from by tagger
  3. The tag-ee tags eleven more blogs (we'll see how this turns out for me...)
  4. And then the tag-ee assigns their eleven blogs eleven new questions
Oh boy what fun!  Moving on.

11 Things About the Fan Girl Behind the Blog

  • I'm going through a Psych craze.  Hiatus sucks.
  • Repeat songs included, I have 160 Rosemary Clooney songs from 6 CDs, plus a yet-to-be-listened-to Rosie record with Harry James.
  • My main reason for being on Tumblr is all the pictures.  I have over 3000 photos in my Classic Stars picture folder on my computer.
  • I was a toe-head as a child.
  • I will be entering my Sophomore year in high school in 11 days.  (How fitting...)
  • Not including my second grade class's production of E-I-E-I Oops, I have acted in 11 productions, starting with Alice in Wonderland, Jr. in 6th grade as the Caterpillar.
  • I really geek out on the Holocaust.  I've read numerous books, fiction and non, and really enjoy learning about it.
  • I don't have a favorite animal.  If I really had to choose, though, I'd pick dolphins.
  • Yes, Wikipedia is reliable, and yes, I use it to look up everything I want to know.
  • I really dislike the color pink.  Purple has been my favorite since 1st grade.
  • I tend to pick at my lip when concentrating.  Because I like having the dry skin to pick at, I'm not very good at having chapstick handy, much less using it.
11 Questions (from Nat)

1. In film do you prefer black&white or color?
Black and white.  Color can be a nice change, but there's really nothing that says Classic Hollywood like black and white.

2. In photographs do you prefer black&white or color?
Toughie.  Black and white photos are nice because you can color them in Photoshop.  Color photographs are always nice, especially for stars who you are accustomed to seeing in black and white films.  I'll have to pick color, though, because right now my desktop background is a snazzy colored picture of Myrna Loy.

3. Your favorite era in music?
1950s baby!  Rosemary Clooney all the way!

4. Do you have a tumblr?
Yes.  Yes I do.  Tumblr  Please don't be alarmed by the Psych spam.

5. Your second favorite actress?
Uh...Who on EARTH am I suppose to choose for that?  Um...well, seeing as I've seen the most Ginger Rogers movies (behind Minnie, of course) let's go with her.

6. Your favorite movie starring your second favorite actress?
I think picking Ginger was a mistake...Yeah, I'm going to go with 1940's Primrose Path.

7. Your second favorite actor?
Jimmy Stewart, yo!

8. Your favorite movie starring your second favorite actor?
Ooh...This is the part where I wonder if I should choose It's a Wonderful Life, The Stratton Story, or Rear Window...In honor of Yin, let's go with Rear Window.  Pure suspense perfection.  Mmm!

9. Favorite foreign film?
This is the part where I have to go back through all my films and find a foreign one...This is a real problem here!  Found one!  That Hamilton Woman.  It's the first foreign film I came upon...

10. Ice cream or french fries?

11. If you could see your favorite actress in any movie role (real or imagined) what would it be?
Ooh.  You know, I'm still feelin' like The Proposal should be remade to star Minnie and Bill Powell, so let's go with that!

Tag.  You're it.
  • Film-Classics
  • The Shades of Black and White
  • The New Andrews Sisters
  • and anyone else who would like to play along!  I'm still new to the blog world here.
Question time!

  1. What was your first classic?
  2. Favorite classic TV show?
  3. If you could spend a day with any one classic star, who would it be?
  4. Least favorite classic actor?
  5. Least favorite classic actress?
  6. Musical remakes from the '50s: yes or no?
  7. Hayes Code: yes or no?  Why?
  8. Silent or Talkies?
  9. What do you think of movies like The Artist?
  10. What role did your favorite actor deserve an Oscar for?
  11. What role did your favorite actress deserve an Oscar for?

Thanks for taggin' me, Nat, and have at it everyone else!


  1. Hey, what a swell start! Lovely blog!

  2. You have a blog, you have a blog, you have a blog, you have a blog!!! =D Congrats Bailey! And thanks for tagging ;-)


  3. I do, I do, I do, I do! Nothing special (yet?). But thank you and you are welcome! :D