Monday, September 10, 2012

The "To-Do" List

Dun dun dun.
(This is me writing my list.)
No, really, lists are good for everyone.  A habit I picked up form The Princess Diaries.  <3
  • finish Insurgent
  • Actually write my admired person speech out about Rosie.  I may know way too much information to be considered a normal amount, but that does NOT mean I can get up in front of everyone and make sense.
  • study for my camera test tomorrow
  • change the layout of my Tumblr page (Though I am NOT happy with it...  >:/)
  • add tags to all my posts on this blog
  • organize my picture folders some more
  • completely update my CH Movies Seen slideshow
  • finish watching No Man of Her Own
  • finish watching Parnell because I just remembered today that I never did
  • get some actual, good sleep
  • CLEAN.  MY.  PIGSTY.  room.
  • sort my clothes and get rid of the old ones
  • order some new CH movies/CDs/autobios
  • charge my iPod
  • make an attempt to keep my bed made (though there's almost absolutely no point because I'm one of THOSE sleepers.  You know: the kind that twist, toss, and turn in their sleep and end up kicking their sheet to the end of the bed and throwing their Harry Potter squishy doll on the floor and completely turn my bed spread around and yeah...)
  • organize my school binder
  • organize my bookshelf
  • write.  and just write.  on actual paper.
  • clear off my desk
  • cross off the days on my calendar, which is on said desk, covered with papers and such
  • throw out all these gift cards that probably only have 30 cents left on them
  • tape up some things and take down others (from the walls)
  • answer Ashley's Tumblr messages
  • clean up this "mess" I've been leaving behind over behind the scenes at Film-Classics.  (Don't tell anyone, but all the ILL episodes I've unlocked have yet to be relocked.  But not for long!  (I hope.))  (And I got the Films section clean up, too!  :D)
  • write my letter to Rosie for Nat's latest blog-a-thon
  • get a life
Awful long list...better get started.
~Off to write a stuffy essay that won't help me much, then study for a test that hopefully will be easy to pass.
Oh.  And make tomorrow's lunch.

P.S.  We had our first history test last week and there was a question on there whose answer is quite honestly obvious: True or False: Queen Elizabeth I divorced her 3rd husband. 
Quite obviously false.  My reasoning for it being so quitely obvious?  SHE WAS THE VIRGIN QUEEN.  SHE NEVER MARRIED.  
Why does no one seem to know this but ME?!  (And my 6th grade brother.  But he doesn't count.)  Not even my dad, my history buff father, knew that.  Who else did they think VIRGINia was named after, if not for the VIRGIN QUEEN?!


  1. Is 'No Man of Your Own' the Clark Gable version? I loved that one, finally a movie with the famous couple together.

    1. One of the number one things you should know about me: I despise Clark Gable.
      No, it's No Man of HER Own with Barbara Stawnyck. And holy crap, I did NOT realize that movie was 1950!

  2. I do hope the "No Man of Her Own" is Stany's version of "NMoHO" because her version's ending is fab. And I DID know that about Queen Elizabeth I. ;D That is a super long list, though, Miss Jones, good luck finishing it. I think I'm going to make a people know what kind of crazy stuff I force myself to do. ;D

    1. Of course the Stany version! I didn't know there was another! And I just found out that movie was from 1950, so that completely explains the opening clothes. I was really confused about that...
      THANK. YOU. And, yes, it is. I'm workin' on it, though! I crossed 3 things off. But lists are always fun! List away, my dear Miss Ray!

  3. I'm a list maker myself. I think I should do one so everybody, as Natalie says, knows just what the heck is going on in my life. Like they would really care, but I still want to do it. And, seriously, GOOD LUCK! with your own list.

    And, oh, I've got a better one then the Virgin Queen. There was someone last year in my 11th grade U.S. History class who asked my teacher, "Who was the first president of the United States?" -.- I'm not even joking. I wish I was, but I'm not.

    1. Haha, thanks R.C. Lists are fun. :P And if it were up to me, I'd make lists all the time!
      ...:O Can they be shot? That should be considered treason. That is really sad. But, wait. I've a few more. Eight grade, girl in my class thought that A) Genovia (from The Princess Diaries) was a real country, and B) China (yes, the country) was located in Tokoyo. Yes, that Tokoyo.