Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Best Lady Ever and She Doesn't Have Any Good Quotes

Inspired by Nat's post who was inspired by Marcela's post, I am happy to announce that it is...PICTURE TIME.
Rosemary Clooney is my role model.  Yes, I write English speeches and papers on her.  Yes, I have trouble cutting out information and staying within the given time frame/number of pages.  But she was truly an amazing and strong person.  One of the number one things I love about her is her smile and her laugh.  Half the time words cannot express how much I admire her.  So, here are some of my favorite Rosie pictures:
Her smile is just always so bright.
The fact that she's with dogs should be enough.
This I "received" as a "gift" from Nat last year in the birthday collage she made me.
Her laugh.  She lights up.
One of the few colored photos I have of her.  So pretty.
This one's one of my all-time favorites.
Her smile again.  It never looks forced or fake to me.
With Jim-Jim.
Starting out with dear ole Tony Pastor.
This is a close second for favorite Rosie pictures.
I feel like this picture shows her true, other side, her more depressed side.
What I would give to have been in that crowd...
Again with the laughing and the smiling!
Two of my favorite things: Rosie and pools.

First: Admit it.  This lighting is so cool.
So young and with Frankie Sinatra!
With daughter Maria.  She looks like such a caring mother.
With sister Betty!
The entire Ferrer gang: Rosie, Jose, Miguel, Maria, Gabriel, Monista, and Rafael (probably not in that order.)
And there's that smile again.

If you ever feel like getting your ear talked off, ask me about Rosie.  I would give you a quote here, but I'd have to look through This For Remembrance if I wanted to find a decent one.  Instead, I shall turn off my sad Band of Horses song, take out my contacts, brush my teeth, and head to bed.  I shall leave you with a Rosie song!
Don't you just love how she smiles when she sings and you can hear said smile in her voice?  If not, listen to this then Come On-a My House.  You can totally tell she's not happy to be singing that song; she sounds so angry when she's singing.

Yes, I'm going, I'm going!
And someone help me remember that I still need to write a letter to dear Rosie before next Friday!


  1. She was gorgeous, and what a voice! Yes, a letter would be swell haha :) Thanks Bailey!

    1. Oh I feel so horrible! I went camping and writing it totally slipped my mind! I hugely apologize.
      And I love her and her voice to pieces. <3

  2. I remember some of the things she said on talk shows in the 70s. A host asked her whether people in show business were more inclined to cheat on their spouses. She said, "Oh, I don't know. I think there's some meet-me-behind-the-potted-plant" going on in country clubs."

    When she appeared with the seemingly ageless Helen O'Connell on Tom Snyder's "Tomorrow" show, she said, "Age up, Helen!"

    She praised Snyder's late-night show, and she said that there was something comforting about having a man on TV say, "Good night" so comfortingly every night.

    On another show, she said, "Marriage really cuts into one's dating!"

  3. I remembered another, slightly and uncharacteristically blue comment. After her autobiography was publihed, talk show hosts who interviewed her liked to focus on the breakdown, the drugs, and infidelity. I don't remember the context, but in a slightly irritated way, she answered one host, "Well, let's not beat around the...whatever."

    1. So sorry for taking forever to get back! You must tell me where you find these videos! I don't think I've seen a lot of interviews with her.

  4. ROSIE IS MY FAVORITE PERSON AND THIS POST MAKES MY HEART SO HAPPY. Every time I find someone who loves Rosie as much as I do I literally freak. Okay. Have a nice night. :)

    1. Haha, I do the exact same thing! I love her sooooo much. <333
      Thanks for stopping in, Mandy! :D